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Who we are?

A professional recording studio with 25 years of experience “Studio 55“   was founded in 1993.
The studio is equipped with two sound studios and a microphone hall of 25 meters .
We produce  recordings and arrangements for various performers, vocal ensembles, children's pop groups, theatrical performances, dance groups. 

The studio offers production and adaptation  for  audio / video advertising.
 We offer an exclusive  library of voices, sound effects and an extensive library of  licensed music.

We are able to offer music compositions to suit your needs.
TV monitorshave  been  installed for video recording and advertising adaptation.
We  work in cooperation with over hundreds of  Latvian, Russian, Lithuanian and Estonian partners, be it professional actors, broadcasters or recording studios.         

With our State of the Art professional recording studio our knowledge

allows you to realize any creative ideas quickly and efficiently.

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